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The laboratory works in close collaboration with Russian and foreign research groups.

  • S.-Petersburg State University (Prof. Lyudmila A. Lutova),
  • All-Russia Research Institute of Grain Legumes and Groats Crops (Dr. Tatyana S. Naumkina),
  • V. F. Kuprievich Institute of Experimental Botany Belarus NAS (Dr. A.I. Zabolotniy),
  • University of Bonn, Germany (Prof. Frantisek Baluska),
  • John Innes Centre, Great Britain (Prof. Noel Ellis and Prof. Nick Brewin),
  • Kobe University, Japan (Prof. Seiji Tsurumi),
  • University of Geneva (Prof. William Broughton),
  • Toulouse, France (Dr. Julie Cullimore and Dr. Ton Timmers).

The members of the laboratory take an active part in the work of Research and Education Center (REC) "Genetics and cell biology of plant-microbe interaction".